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Priming & Prepping Your New Humidor

The steps outlined below give approximate timing for proper maintenance of a typical humidor. Every humidor is different and you must use your own judgement to get the cigars at the humidity level that you most prefer. Ideal humidity for cigars is 68-72% and ideal temperature for cigars is 20 Celsius. *** ONLY USE DISTILLED WATER WHEN WETTING DOWN YOUR HUMIDOR ***Do not use tap water, ‘Brita’ water, spring water etc. for recharging the humidifier or wetting down the humidor as they will clog the pores of the wood and destroy the humidifier. STEP 1: WETTING DOWN THE HUMIDOR Schedule: Repeat Every 4-6 Months Remove all cigars from humidor and do not put them back into the humidor until 8 hours...

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