Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli Punk... SAVE 10%

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This is the SAME great Cigar, just packaged in the Green Plain Liberal Packaging.

Size: Punk 4" 1/4 x 42

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Honduras, Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Country: Nicaragua

This cigar draws and burns evenly, offering a leathery, nutty smoke with touches of wood and coffee bean that usher in a marzipan finish.

"I’ve noticed that many cigar enthusiasts know their favorite cigars come from Nicaragua, but the exact location remains a mystery. Since the term ‘black market’ alludes to things unidentified or shadowy, I felt compelled to bring Esteli, the cigar capital of Nicaragua, out of the shadows. Black Market Esteli pays homage to the importance of the city and every-thing it offers to cigar making."

- Alan Rubin